We Rely on God for…

Rest. FLC is a place to leave the cares of the world behind and open our 
hearts to God’s Word. In that Word, we find the peace of God’s promises, 
which He always keeps.
(Psalm 55:22)

Heal. Let’s face it. The world can really beat us up. God can heal all our 
hurts in His time. He binds up broken hearts and restores us to a close 
relationship with Him through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.
(Jeremiah 3:22)

Belong. Do you feel that you need to belong to something bigger than 
yourself? It’s because we are designed by God to live together in community 
and to enjoy an intimate relationship with Him.
(John 15:4-6)

Grow. At FLC we understand that spiritual growth comes through Bible study 
and discipleship. In God’s Word, we discover the answers to all our questions.
(Proverbs 3:5)

Love. It’s simple. We know what love is because God loves us. He calls us 
to love all His children, every one of them, as He loves us.
(Luke 10:26-28)

Serve. We believe that serving others – our family, friends, and neighbors – 
is what God calls us to do. Through service, we too are blessed.
(Matthew 25:40)